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  • It really has been forever since I posted. I have been reading and occasionally commenting on ye olde friendslist still though.
  • Mostly just popping up to say I am over on dreamwidth, and just checking to see if the cross-posting works!
  • Also wanted to say that I got my Christmas cards from
[ profile] abbichicken and [personal profile] andrealyn which was lovely!  I am excited to try the tea you sent [ profile] abbichicken 
  • New things since I have been on here last include: 
-I have a full time job now! Hooray for steady hours and health benefits and paid sick days!
-I have bought a house! It is beautiful! It has a massive back yard and garden! I can put up pictures at some point.
-We have a lovely orange tabby kitten! He is super cute and cuddly! When I can figure out how to post pictures I will! It has been that long I no longer remember lol.
  • I am currently really into Avengers stuff, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, Inception and other bits and bobs
  • I got a Kobo Vox for myself for Christmas and I am loving it! I just found out today that you can download fics from AO3 to be put right on it!! Brb downloading all the fics!!!
Well I must be off...kitten wants to cuddle! Let me know your name of dreamwidth if you have one so I can add you!
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Yikes, I haven't posted since July 2009.  I admit that I wasn't even reading my flist for a while.....but I'm back now.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.  :)

In life news, I am just getting over possible strep throat.  My throat was killing me.   I was taking tylenol and advil every two hours....finally went to the walk in clinic after a week and got antibiotics.  I am doing much better now, but I still have a cough that won't go away. 

They are cutting back beds, and therefore staff at work, and I might end up getting pushed out because I am the least senior of the part-timers, and some of the ladies whose job share lines were cut could be coming to part-time and they only need so many part-timers.  I'm hoping not, but I will see.  Meanwhile I am looking to see what else is out there.  This will definitely interfere with my trying to save up a downpayment for a house. 

In fandom news, what the heck is up with all my bands breaking up and losing people? First Panic, then FOB, then MCR.  It's very sad. 

Got tickets to see Lady Gaga in July.  Should be an awesome show.  I also went and saw Muse a couple of weeks ago which was, as always, an amazing show!  That was my fourth time seeing them and I never get tired of it.  I bought an $80 sweatshirt though, which then proceeded to fade in the first wash.  I was less than impressed. 

This blog is amazing though: ; It's pretty much exactly what it says in the title.  It's a blog about the last season of Lost, written by someone who has never seen Lost.  The adorable and hilarious drawing's the author does are a big highlight.

Also this post ( by author Naomi Novik is also hilarious.  I loves me some Temeraire. 

I know I always say this, but I will attempt to post more often....I promise!

ETA: I realized that since I haven't posted since March I wouldn't have mentioned that I got into a car accident and pretty much totalled my car ( I was fine though and so was my friend) and had to get a new car ( a Kia Rio5, which is nearly the same as the car I had, for all of 2 years).  The other women in the accident was pretty crazy and screamed at me for like 10 minutes, and all she had was a dented tire, and I got a ticket, and went to court to fight it, but she didn't bother to show up, so the charges were dropped hooray! Holy run on sentence....sorry folks. 
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WE just went to a jack and jill and somebody got pulled over for drunken intoxication (not me) and won and crockpot (so totally me!) and I am epically levels of drunk right now....please feel free to ask me questions in my drunken state!
Oh my the world is spinning]
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He looks like a hobbit:


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Just got internet back after 6 days without it. If I didn't have my iPhone I am sure that I would have gone insane! Our router from Bell died for the second time in about a year, and since it was the long weekend we didn't get a new one until today. Of course I plugged everything in and it didn't work, so I had to spend another hour on the phone with tech support, while I ended up fixing the problem myself. Stupid Bell!

The rash on my hands has turned into massive peeling on my hands...lovely! I have been posting updates about it on my twitter, if anyone is interested. The ladies at work and I were all trying to figure out what exactly this rash was, it wasn't rubella, may be fifth's disease or most likely will be some random viral illness that will never be identified. At least I can work again! Hooray for money!

I am currently obsessed with twitter and if any of you have a twitter I'm not following, let me know who you are over there!

Also if anybody has a dreamwidth invite lying around I wouldn't mind checking it out. I don't really see leaving LJ anytime soon though.

American Idol Spoiler )

Terminator's finale was super amazing! Mind blowing and twisty and awesome. Terminator Spoilers )Speaking of Terminator I really hope this is true: and Fox realizes what great shows they have on their hands, which....not really likely I know.

Also this video is adorable and made my day yesterday!

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Changed the layout again! It was just so pretty and shiny and rainbowy I could not resist.  Info's in my profile. 

Britney Spears tomorrow! I am pretty excited...I think it's going to be a great show!

Last ever BSG on Friday! I am a mixture of sad and incredibly excited.  I am interested to see how they wrap it up in two hours. 

Anybody else here watch American Idol? Was I the only one who kinda loved Adam Lambert's crazy version of Ring of Fire? I agreed with Kara that it was "Strange, but I liked it!"

My mom is off for March Break so her and I are heading to Ikea on Thursday and going down to Toronto on Friday.  I love Ikea a lot, this chair: (I cannot remember how to do links) is pretty much the most amazing and comfortable chair in the universe, no lies.  It is also super pretty! And i also got it for half price! Amazing! (I also have a matching footstool)

JoBros are coming to Toronto in August, and I just may be able to convince my friend to go with me...I hope!

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I talked my friend into seeing Jonas Brothers in 3D with wasn't that hard, I'm pretty sure she's got a bit of love for the Jonai herself, she is the one who's seen Camp Rock after all. 

OMG they are so adorable!  Their little faces, their little dance moves! I just wanted to take them home and put them in my pocket! Ugh, I am filled with such love right now you guys, it is crazy! The part where Joe was shaking the table and shouting "Earthquake" was such a me thing to do it was scary.  Love it!

New layout! It is absolutely gorgeous! From thefulcrum as usual.  I adore her layouts, always so pretty!
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It's been a while since I've posted here.  Sorry about that, LJ and I were on a little break but we're back together now.

Been working lots, with suprisingly little money to show for it.  Could be the brand new Macbook, or maybe the $400 coach purse (shh don't judge I love purses, it's an obsession), but I'm not too sure.

Going to see Britney on March 18th!! I have always kinda loved Britney, even through the crazy days.  I am really excited to see her, especially since I never got to see her before, back in the day.

Also have tickets to see Franz!! and Fall Out Boy!!! the day after eachother.  It's pretty exciting!!!

Also I've had this slowly growing love for Joe Jonas, which I don't think I can hide anymore.  I am being sucked into the Jonas phenomenon.  I wonder if I can get anybody to go see the 3D movie with me. 

Family channel just showed The Neverending Story and now they are showing Camp Nowhere (I watched that movie like a million times as a kid, my friend was obsessed with Andrew Keegan).  It is a fantastically nostalgic night for me.  I am pretty sure I will want to choke a bitch when they remake The Neverending Story with "a modern twist" ugh. 

It is depressing me that there are only a few more episodes of Battlestar left.  I did enjoy the Kara in this episode.

I will be around here more again folks, I promise.
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Wow! I checked and it's been since May that I posted here. I have been checking now and again. I've been busy with work and such.
I went to see Panic last week and it was awesome as usual! My friend and I didn't even get there that early and we ended up right on the barrier again!
I also bought an iPhone which I love and gave been going nuts downloading applications for it. There is even one that makes lightsaber sounds *dorks out*
My little sister will be leaving for Korea soon to teach for a year and I will miss her so!
I will leave you with a few pictures from Panic that I got on my iPhone

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They were so amazing!! I can't even deal with it!! I probably won't be able to move my neck tomorrow, but it will be totally worth it!

I was like 4 or 5 rows back and ended up 3 rows back by the end. I ended up meeting this nice couple from somewhere out in Michigan and talked to them most of night.

I was sad because Frank was at the other side of the stage from me and hardly moved, so I didn't reall get to see him very much. I had a generally good view of everyone else, especially Ray. I would have taken pictures, but they said they would be very strict about having no cameras. They even tried to take away a girl's camera away from her when they caught her with it in the venue.

I had a lovely time, other than getting lost on the way there and on the way back. Goddamn Detroit is so confusing to navigate! The customs official complimented me on how calm I was despite being lost in Detroit. I am currently sitting in my hotel room in Windsor (I'm driving back up home tomorrow morning and watching SNL. Yay for free hotel wireless!
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Header by [ profile] lizeatsbbz! Layout template by [ profile] grrliz and [ profile] gossymer available at [ profile] thefulcrum! It's so pretty I just can't stop looking at it!

I swear that I had something interesting to say...I just can't think of it. Darn!
sorcha_feanor: (panic! pile) far I am going (or plan on going to):

April 19th-MCR @ The Fillmore in Detroit

May 4th-Bamboozle (HCT folks, TAI, Cobra etc): this one is a maybe

May 9th-MCR @ Madison Square Garden in New York--I can take the train there and then take the train to Boston for:

May 11th- HCT @ The Bank of America Pavillion in Boston


May 14th-HCT @ The Sound Academy in Toronto!

If anybody wants to meet up or hang out let me know! Also, if people know of good places to stay/crash in New York or Boston that would be great!
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Saw the Spice Girls on Monday night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The show was pretty awesome and made me feel all sorts of nostalgic. I got my groove on to "Stop" (I still remember most of the dance moves, I am a dork) and danced and sung along to pretty much everything else. Except the new stuff and the post Geri stuff, I don't really know that too well.

Anywhoodle I have pictures up (they aren't the greatest cause I was way up in level 300) at my facebook, if anyone cares to see them You can see them here! (I think, let me know if they don't work)

I have VIP tickets to the Panic show in Toronto (I managed them the second time) and a ticket to Boston! I can't wait!

And Also: Nurse Racism!
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Anybody know what this is about:

Am I just out of the loop and this has been discussed already?
sorcha_feanor: (Frank and Mikey) would be completely ridiculous of me to go to California to bamboozle left on April 5th and 6th and stay until the 10th for the first date of right? Right?

Oh man, do I ever want to go though.

Also, my default icon and a couple of my other icons are not showing up for me...can you guys see it? Is it just my computer being wacky?

Cobra next week! I am excited! I would be more excited if I could convince one of my friends to come with me, but such is life!

Also, I changed my cell phone plan, so I get unlimited text messages now! Text me if you'd like. 905-716-1605
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Feeling ridiculously emo because the batch of shortbread I made turned out all wrong (it tastes like icing sugar, not butter...what?) and the season finale of Robin Hood has broken me. Seriously, I almost cried at a television show, that is huge for me.

Also, it is bugging me trying to figure out where I've seen the guy who plays King Richard before...and it's not listed on imdb...grr

Further Christmas card thank you's to: [ profile] siryn_99 (hee), abbichickenabbi, [ profile] shleemeri and writer_in_blackthe other liz!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everybody is having a good Christmas so far!

My Christmas has been pretty good so far! I got some lovely presents, including BSG: Razor, the first Gossip Girl book, a FOB calendar, and a pretty black and white scarf from H & M, with pinky red ends, which kind of awesomely matches:

1. the new purse I bought myself


25% off at this new store in town. There is actually a place to buy clothes here now! Since you guys don't live here, you probably don't understand how exciting that is.

2. and the new shoes I bought myself, which are black Chucks with red and white pinstripes, which I was going to upload a picture of, because they are amazingly awesome, but I forgot my camera cord at home. I was wearing my new shoes along with some new pants from H & M which are black and red checkered skinny pants and my Panic! At the Disco hoodie, I was like totally Emo-tastic!

Plus other assorted tidbits.

Mostly I was excited to give my sister her gift, which was Guitar Hero, and she loved it!

My dad is now holed up in the computer room playing the game I bought him, so I guess he loved his gift too!

Also I received Christmas cards from [ profile] inthekeyofd, [ profile] ashiya and [ profile] rainbowjehan (loved the tinsel!). Thanks so much guys! My Poppa is bringing a few more down with him when he comes for Christmas dinner, so I will have more thank yous then!
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If you'd like a holiday card from me, fill out my poll!

[Poll #1096942]

I would buy tickets for Cobra Starship in Toronto, but I know for sure this time that no one would go with me :(
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Briefly, the concert was amazing! My cousin who's just a few months older than me ended up coming with me at the last minute so I didn't have to go alone! There was Pete kissing Patrick! And pyrotechnics! AWESOME!

I bought myself two t-shirts because I couldn't decide which one to buy. It was excellent going with my cousin because he lives in London and got us a pretty good parking spot. It was pretty packed in the venue, and there were a lot of teeny's and kidlets with their moms and dads. My cousin and I joked that we didn't belong because we both had jobs and he's married.

I have a few pictures, but they were taken on my sisters camera, which is so ancient it uses film! So, I will post them later if they turn out alright.

In short, it was an awesome show! I ended up having a good time, despite everything else that happened.

ETA: Ah ha ha...they just played one of the new panic songs on Heroes, as a song for a cheerleading routine Hee!
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So it looks like I am for sure going to see Fall Out Boy by myself. My friend bailed on me for no good reason, and I am actually kind of pissed off at her right now. Oh well, hopefully I will still have fun anyways. The offer still stands for a free ticket if anybody in the Southern Ontario area wants to go see the concert. It's on Saturday at 7 pm at the John Labatt Centre in London.

*sigh* I am just so upset about this, I'm dwelling on it and can't think of anything else. :(
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