sorcha_feanor: (panic! pile)
2008-02-26 10:06 pm

Concert Dates: MCR and HCT

Soooooo...so far I am going (or plan on going to):

April 19th-MCR @ The Fillmore in Detroit

May 4th-Bamboozle (HCT folks, TAI, Cobra etc): this one is a maybe

May 9th-MCR @ Madison Square Garden in New York--I can take the train there and then take the train to Boston for:

May 11th- HCT @ The Bank of America Pavillion in Boston


May 14th-HCT @ The Sound Academy in Toronto!

If anybody wants to meet up or hang out let me know! Also, if people know of good places to stay/crash in New York or Boston that would be great!