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I am giving out candy tonight and I got all dressed up for it, cause I am silly like that. I went to Value Village and got a floor length golden hued dress, a wand and some sparkly jewelery as well as a tiara from another place and I am now a pretty, pretty princess!

I wish I had my camera with me, so I could take a picture. I think I look quite fabulous.

Had a whole hockey team come to our door. I don't really like giving the candy out to the older kids, but the adorableness of the little ones makes up for it. N'aww.

ETA: Ha! A bunch of teenage girls just came and two of them complimented my dress...and they all said thank you! So, I guess it's just the groups of teenage boys that I don't like...the little hooligans


Oct. 27th, 2007 11:17 pm
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I just rearranged my icons. Over half of them are now bandom related. [ profile] shleemeri I still blame you.

Also probably mostly [ profile] shleemeri's fault is that I think I finally get the whole Spencer Smith thing. Like, it just kinda hit me all at once, damn the Spencer Smith is fine. I can't believe I never realized it before. Is there any exciting Spencer Smith related media that I missed?

Also new to me is finding Gerard Way attractive. I believe it was probably this ) photoshoot that did it. And possibly the whole Umbrella Academy thing. I heart comic book geeks.

Got a haircut today, for the first time since May. I am kind of a slob when it comes to these things.

Also, I think that I have my sister mostly convinced to go see Fall Out Boy with me. Hopefully she will come, but I will go bymyself if I have to. I'm still kind of miffed that they are doing it in London, instead of Toronto, because Toronto is so much easier to get to for me. Ah well, such is life.
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He's stopping at the comic book store tomorrow to pick me up the second issue of The Umbrella Academy.

I won a free iPod Nano at the Word on the Street book festival in Toronto. I was so suprised because I never, ever win anything, but now I'm not sure what I should do with it. I already have a 30GB Zen, and my old iPod mini, so do I really need this one too? I feel kind of selfish for wanting to keep it, but it's so cute and little! No one I know needs a new iPod though, so I might just keep it. Hmmm...

Spy Daddy is on Ugly Betty! And Harold! and Dawson! Holy guest stars Batman! I made an extremely embarassing high pitched squeak when Spy Daddy first showed up on screen. How I have missed the Spy Daddy!

Also, I think three posts in one week is some kind of record for me.
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She stood in line for 2 hours today to get Zachary Quinto, the guy who plays Micah, and the guy who plays Ando to sign autographs for me! True, she was there with my sister, who got a hat signed by all of them, but she is still awesome! I am sad that I didn't get to go (I had to work overnight last night) but I am glad they thought of me and got autographs!!

There was also some spoilers discussed under here )

I am feeling a little bit better about working after last night. The nurse I was with let me just sort of follow her around, and help out, so I could get a feel for the general routine of the floor. I think that I'll be able to handle it, at least until I can save enough money to go back to school to become a librarian!

I went to Chapters today and got the new Kerrang magazine, which has a little interview with Panic! and FOB and a Panic! poster! I feel like a little teeny-bopper again, buying those Tiger Beat magazines for the posters of JTT and Leo. I wonder what happened to all those magazines? Probably my mom threw them out.

Anywhoodle I am all excited because my friend is coming to visit tomorrow! Now I just have to figure out what we're going to do. Perhaps head down to the Falls? We shall see.
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I was really homesick last the point of sitting up here in my room and crying, but I feel a bit better now, especially as I will be going home this weekend to see my friends and family. It just kinda hit me last night that I won't be going back home again (well, highly unlikely that I will) and that all my friends are so far away!

Also I'm still a little bit stressed about learning all the ropes at the hospital, as they use paper charting, and I am so not used to that and this weird GRASP system where you get points for the things you do with the patient. It's all very strange, and seems like a whole lot of useless paperwork. I spoke with my friend last night though, who just started working full time recently as well, and she said you get like 3 weeks where they don't mind if you screw up (as long as it's not a huge screw-up) so you can get on your feet. That made me feel a little bit better.

Also making me feel better is (nearly) naked Colin Ferguson on my tv. He's in some movie from 1996 called "Rowing Through". He had lovely floppy hair at the beginning, but he cut it off. I've also been distracting myself by watching TV, reading the flist, talking to the sis on MSN, and going out and exploring St. Catherines.

The first day at work was kind of hectic and got really busy and I couldn't do that much to help, because I didn't know where stuff was, and how things worked at the hospital yet, but it did quiet down later in the day. The second day was better, and I got to learn a lot more about how the hospital worked and the policy and procedures. I didn't feel quite as useless :)

Otherwise things continue as normal. My new room is quite nice, all I need is a TV and VCR and to put up my posters and I will be all set!
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Just in case, I have a greatestjournal under the same name. Feel free to add me if you have one, and let me know so I can add you too!

You can always send me an e-mail at, or

I'm on MSN as and AIM as sorchafeanor (feel free to add me!)

I really hope it doesn't come down to everybody leaving...and I'm not leaving unless I absolutely have to. I have almost a year of paid time left on this journal, and so many friends from so many different fandoms. I just hope that this all works out.

ETA: Also I have a Twitter account now as well:
(although I haven't done anything with it yet)
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Getting super psyched for Muse tonight!!! Am a little bit nervous about driving down there, but it should be okay because I have been there before to see MCR, but I didn't drive that time.

Have a route planned out, going down Major Mack, as I am terrified of the 401 and don't wanna pay for the 407 (this probably means something to only about 3 people on my friends list, but meh).

This is my third time seeing Muse live, but the first time my friend and I had to leave early because we took the bus down, and we had to catch the last bus back. The second time it was a short set cause it was at the Virgin Music Festival. So I am hoping this time will be awesome!! Not that the other two weren't, but they were kinda cut short :(

I must go get ready!
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I passed my RN exam!! I kicked that 8 hour, choose the best answer, exams ass!! YAYE!!

I was excited to have passed...I was actually kinda worried about it. I was so excited and relieved I was shaking!

Also, I get to pick up my new car tomorrow! Joy!

The only thing that sucks about it is that it takes a little longer for the permanent RN registration to be processed, so I probably won't be starting until August-ish. But that's not too bad...extended vacation for me! (But also no pay for me :( Not so good)


Jul. 18th, 2007 12:37 pm
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For those of you who are in the Toronto area and do not want to be spoiled for HP:DH


They wrote about who dies in the book and the leaked version of the book on the net. My poor mother has been spoiled after reading the paper this morning.

GAH! And I though all I had to worry about was the idiots on the internet!


Jul. 16th, 2007 01:59 am
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Behind Door Number One

My Brand New Car! )

Behind Door Number Two
Itty Bitty Ryan and Spencer! With their cars! )

Also I am officially bandom obsessed now. I have gone from having zero pictures to about 405 in slightly over a month. Along with assorted videos, fanfic and ringtones for my phone. I just downloaded one of Ryan Ross telling me I could be missing the most important call of my life...I loff it.

Also I have a new header (made by me) of my new obsession. Isn't it purdy?

I have done something to my left wrist, and I can't bend it forwards or backwards without pain (but it doesn't generally hurt if I'm not doing anything with it). My sister keeps saying it's carpal tunnel, which, given that I am right handed, seems little off to me. But I did use my left hand a lot in the grocery store to swing over the bags onto the counter, so who knows. I am hoping I just slept on it weird, because it would be lots of fun starting my new job and not being able to do stuff (like lift patients maybe) because of my wrist.

I had a good time laughing at myself tonight, trying to play pool. The level of coordination required for that game is just beyond me. I am seriously clutzy and uncoordinated. You should see me play ping pong...laugh riot!
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So I went to go to bed tonight and just as I was about to put on my pajamas, I looked up at my canopy and noticed all these little dots on it.  As I looked closer I realized they were spiders!!! Like 20 little tiny spiders on my canopy!! I freaked right out and went and woke up my poor parents, and my Dad proceeded to try and kill them all....which didn't work so well as they were very tiny.   And then I kept looking and noticed that they were all over my stuffed monkeys that hang from the canopy and on the ceiling....

For those that are new around here, or don't know I am intensely, intensely to the point where I can't even stay in the same room as a spider.  I started freaking out tonight so badly, I kinda scared my parents a bit I think.  I actually started sobbing so hard that I woke up my poor sister too.  Ugh..and now I keep feeling them crawling all over me!! There will be no sleep for me tonight!!

My parents sprayed Raid all over my room, and tomorrow they're going to take out the canopy and shake it out.  Also they'll probably go over all the furniture with a vacuum and stuff. 

Well, now I am WIDE FREAKING AWAKE if anybody is around and feels like entertaining me, I'm on MSN at or just drop me a comment!

I am still kind of freaking out right now, but luckily Clerks II is on....and that is very amusing and distracting....

Also I am on my sisters laptop because I was too scared to go back into my room to get my laptop. 



Jun. 18th, 2007 11:07 pm
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1. Comment with a request to see absolutely anything on my computer. My desktop, my documents, my bookmarks, my latest works in progress...absolutely whatever you are curious about. Request it.

2. I will respond with a screenshot of the very thing you request.

3. In return, you will spread this meme far and wide like a venereal disease.

Also, they finally called me back for an interview in London! At the Children's Hospital!! YAYE!!

Also, have watched Doctor Who (twice!) and am full of much love...oh Captain Jack, how I love you!
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Seriously Rob Thomas, that was not on my friend...not on at all.

I'm so...disappointed.


May. 3rd, 2007 09:42 pm
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So, I am already loving the new Grey's Anatomy spinoff because:

1) I adore Addison.

2) The rest of the case includes Francie!! Kellerman!!! Taye Diggs!!! PIZ!!! and a cameo from Sark!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

I am pretty much sold!! Sign me up!!!
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For the Yinathing fest...nothing like waiting to the last minute...procrastinator extraordinaire that's me!!

yin_againYin's request was for icons of Rodney McKay's hands....which I did, with a few bonuses thrown in.

Only sharable if Yin says so.
ETA: Sharable 'cause Yin said so! Comment, credit, don't hotlink and all that!

McKay Hands Under the Cut > 1. <a href= )
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...on Due South!! I never knew that she was on this

I'm kind of putting off applying for nursing jobs because I'm not sure that's what I really want to do...but the whole need for money and a future is kind of a big driving factor to get moving. I am going to apply for some public health jobs, which are more office type work and health promotion stuff rather than bedside nursing, which would be nice and less stress inducing. We shall see. Still planning to go back to school for something else as soon as I can afford it. Life is just kinda blah right now and I don't really want to face it.

Feeling very dizzy and tired today...not sure why...probably the shifting weather, always plays havoc with my sinuses and such.

This, this and this cheer me up and make me laugh though.

ETA: I was sad that my mood theme pictures with the hair weren't showing on my new layout, so I fiddled with the CSS and fixed it all by my lonesome...go me!!
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I was just randomly flipping channels and I stopped on Baywatch Hawaii because I thought " Oh hey, Ronon's in that" and there was this whole montage thing with Jason Momoa running around in swim shorts to a song whose chorus included the lyrics: Hawaiian superman. Oh hee!! Ohh now there's another episode!! It's on the Drive In channel of all places. Dude, he's all clean shaven and it looks so weird. Aww, now we have a touching scene with a parapalegic guy...

Went to see Sondre Lerche last night and it was such an awesome show!! It was a nice, small club and it wasn't very crowded. Very intimate, nice and informal. The crowd was great pushing or being annoying. Both of the opening acts were great. Had nice chats with us and everything. I especially loved Willy Mason. He was such a sweet charming guy, and had an amazing voice, which kind of reminded me of Johnny Cash. It was lovely.

I bought the new Sondre Lerche CD and my sister bought the Willy Mason CD (from Sondre's brother!!). I will prob upload them later if anyone is interested!

I only have two more shifts left and then I am done school!! It's exciting and kind of scary at the same I just need a job!!
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The template is by [ profile] grrliz available at [ profile] thefulcrum. The header is by me...and I may be switching it out with other ones I have made. I went a little crazy with photoshop. All of them are available under the cut )

Tomorrow is my driving test for my full licence. I am quite I kinda suck at paralell parking, and I know people who failed because they couldn't paralell park.

Otherwise all is well with me...I have a whole week off!! And then only a couple of weeks until I am done! I will be going back to work at the grocery store for a while though, as I can't get my temporary licence until my grades are in. Then I have the big RN test in June and I will be a full fledged nurse! Scary isn't it?
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Barely!! In a couple of weeks I will be done my placement, which means I will be done school!! And then I have to get a job and be a grown-up *stresses*

Still not a huge fan of night shifts, but they are more bearable...also I am pretty much used to working 12 hour shifts now....scary!

Watched the last ever SG:1 last night *tear* It was alright...but I'm hoping the TV movies will be better!!

Driver's Test next week....which I am going to fail, as I do not know how to parallel park :(

But there are things that make it better, such as:

I have tickets to see Sondre Lerche at the Mod Club in Toronto on April 2!!

I have season 2 of SG:A in my hot little hands...and there was commentary watching and loving!! There was a small kerfuffle with Best Buy's price being $10 more expensive than it was listed on the website, but I purchased it at HMV for the lower price and returned it to Best Buy. Not cool Best Buy, not cool at all!!

There are creatures shouting "Gelfling!!!" on my TV!! (total bonus points if you know what I am talking about)

I got a gorgeous new pink purse at H & M yesterday!! I love that store!! I also bought this bag, because it is awesome and I am a nerd (It's a puddlejumper...hee)

I also bought the "Not a robot" shirt from TWoP's now or never sale!! It's fun spending money you don't have!!

New Grey's and Ugly Betty and Supernatural tonight!!
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Happy belated New Year everyone!! Took me a while to post because I had orientation for my placement on Wednesday and spent all day Tuesday doing homework for the orientation :(

Placement sounds like it should be interesting. There are, of course, stupid projects attached...such is the nature of the nursing program. A couple of the projects are actually useful, such as a mock RN exam and a job fair. What's also nice is that to get all our required hours we only need to work three 12 hour shifts per week, and we get a week off, and three sick days! They actually won't let us work the full four 12 hour shifts right away, as it would probably be too tiring.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [profile] writer_in_black (aka the other liz).  Hope it is a good one!!!

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