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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I hope everybody is having a good Christmas so far!

My Christmas has been pretty good so far! I got some lovely presents, including BSG: Razor, the first Gossip Girl book, a FOB calendar, and a pretty black and white scarf from H & M, with pinky red ends, which kind of awesomely matches:

1. the new purse I bought myself


25% off at this new store in town. There is actually a place to buy clothes here now! Since you guys don't live here, you probably don't understand how exciting that is.

2. and the new shoes I bought myself, which are black Chucks with red and white pinstripes, which I was going to upload a picture of, because they are amazingly awesome, but I forgot my camera cord at home. I was wearing my new shoes along with some new pants from H & M which are black and red checkered skinny pants and my Panic! At the Disco hoodie, I was like totally Emo-tastic!

Plus other assorted tidbits.

Mostly I was excited to give my sister her gift, which was Guitar Hero, and she loved it!

My dad is now holed up in the computer room playing the game I bought him, so I guess he loved his gift too!

Also I received Christmas cards from [ profile] inthekeyofd, [ profile] ashiya and [ profile] rainbowjehan (loved the tinsel!). Thanks so much guys! My Poppa is bringing a few more down with him when he comes for Christmas dinner, so I will have more thank yous then!
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