Mar. 25th, 2010

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Yikes, I haven't posted since July 2009.  I admit that I wasn't even reading my flist for a while.....but I'm back now.  I didn't realize how much I missed it.  :)

In life news, I am just getting over possible strep throat.  My throat was killing me.   I was taking tylenol and advil every two hours....finally went to the walk in clinic after a week and got antibiotics.  I am doing much better now, but I still have a cough that won't go away. 

They are cutting back beds, and therefore staff at work, and I might end up getting pushed out because I am the least senior of the part-timers, and some of the ladies whose job share lines were cut could be coming to part-time and they only need so many part-timers.  I'm hoping not, but I will see.  Meanwhile I am looking to see what else is out there.  This will definitely interfere with my trying to save up a downpayment for a house. 

In fandom news, what the heck is up with all my bands breaking up and losing people? First Panic, then FOB, then MCR.  It's very sad. 

Got tickets to see Lady Gaga in July.  Should be an awesome show.  I also went and saw Muse a couple of weeks ago which was, as always, an amazing show!  That was my fourth time seeing them and I never get tired of it.  I bought an $80 sweatshirt though, which then proceeded to fade in the first wash.  I was less than impressed. 

This blog is amazing though: ; It's pretty much exactly what it says in the title.  It's a blog about the last season of Lost, written by someone who has never seen Lost.  The adorable and hilarious drawing's the author does are a big highlight.

Also this post ( by author Naomi Novik is also hilarious.  I loves me some Temeraire. 

I know I always say this, but I will attempt to post more often....I promise!

ETA: I realized that since I haven't posted since March I wouldn't have mentioned that I got into a car accident and pretty much totalled my car ( I was fine though and so was my friend) and had to get a new car ( a Kia Rio5, which is nearly the same as the car I had, for all of 2 years).  The other women in the accident was pretty crazy and screamed at me for like 10 minutes, and all she had was a dented tire, and I got a ticket, and went to court to fight it, but she didn't bother to show up, so the charges were dropped hooray! Holy run on sentence....sorry folks. 


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