Apr. 15th, 2009

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Just got internet back after 6 days without it. If I didn't have my iPhone I am sure that I would have gone insane! Our router from Bell died for the second time in about a year, and since it was the long weekend we didn't get a new one until today. Of course I plugged everything in and it didn't work, so I had to spend another hour on the phone with tech support, while I ended up fixing the problem myself. Stupid Bell!

The rash on my hands has turned into massive peeling on my hands...lovely! I have been posting updates about it on my twitter, http://twitter.com/sorchafeanor if anyone is interested. The ladies at work and I were all trying to figure out what exactly this rash was, it wasn't rubella, may be fifth's disease or most likely will be some random viral illness that will never be identified. At least I can work again! Hooray for money!

I am currently obsessed with twitter and if any of you have a twitter I'm not following, let me know who you are over there!

Also if anybody has a dreamwidth invite lying around I wouldn't mind checking it out. I don't really see leaving LJ anytime soon though.

American Idol Spoiler )

Terminator's finale was super amazing! Mind blowing and twisty and awesome. Terminator Spoilers )Speaking of Terminator I really hope this is true: io9.com/5213470/dollhouse-and-terminator-really-not-canceled-yet-say-insiders and Fox realizes what great shows they have on their hands, which....not really likely I know.

Also this video www.youtube.com/watch is adorable and made my day yesterday!


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