Feb. 28th, 2009

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It's been a while since I've posted here.  Sorry about that, LJ and I were on a little break but we're back together now.

Been working lots, with suprisingly little money to show for it.  Could be the brand new Macbook, or maybe the $400 coach purse (shh don't judge I love purses, it's an obsession), but I'm not too sure.

Going to see Britney on March 18th!! I have always kinda loved Britney, even through the crazy days.  I am really excited to see her, especially since I never got to see her before, back in the day.

Also have tickets to see Franz!! and Fall Out Boy!!! the day after eachother.  It's pretty exciting!!!

Also I've had this slowly growing love for Joe Jonas, which I don't think I can hide anymore.  I am being sucked into the Jonas phenomenon.  I wonder if I can get anybody to go see the 3D movie with me. 

Family channel just showed The Neverending Story and now they are showing Camp Nowhere (I watched that movie like a million times as a kid, my friend was obsessed with Andrew Keegan).  It is a fantastically nostalgic night for me.  I am pretty sure I will want to choke a bitch when they remake The Neverending Story with "a modern twist" ugh. 

It is depressing me that there are only a few more episodes of Battlestar left.  I did enjoy the Kara in this episode.

I will be around here more again folks, I promise.


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